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Resources for 2D Electron Crystallography
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Resources for 2D Electron Crystallography!

About aims at providing resources for computer image processing in electron crystallography. The features including streamlined processing solutions with optional full automation is included in the Focus software. Focus is an open source software system, written in C++ and using the Qt libraries. Processing is based on the MRC programs, which are distributed in an adapted form together with the Focus installer. The original MRC programs, were written by Richard Henderson and others. We have modified or extended some MRC programs in order to interface them with the Focus software environment, and have added some additional functions and programs.

2dx is now a part of Focus

2dx - Image Processing software for 2D Electron Crystallography has now become a part of Focus. All the features are still intact. If you have had projects from 2dx, you can still open then with Focus.
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