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High Throughput EM Image Processing Software
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Focus - High Throughput Electron Microscopy Image Processing Software

A Graphical User Interface designed using C++ and Qt5 with following features:
  • An import tool which can continuously monitor the new images
  • Scripts which can process these images using in-house and external software. It is easy for the users to define more scripts if required
  • A parallel batch queue processor which transfers processing of the scripts to different resources available on the system
  • A library which summaries the statistics of the collected images
  • A website which can be used to continuously monitor the status of the recorded images

Supported Modes:

Focus supports different type of electron microscopy projects which can be set when setting up a new project. Current supported modes are:
  • Drift correction only
  • Single Particle with drift correction
  • 2D Electron Crystallography with drift correction

2dx is now a part of Focus

2dx - Image Processing software for 2D Electron Crystallography has now become a part of Focus. All the features are still intact. If you have had projects from 2dx, you can still open then with Focus.

Download software
Want to try our software, download it! You can also find the documentation.

Bug Tracker

Got bugs, submit and track them here.

Developer Wiki

A Wiki developed by developers, can be found here.
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