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Resources for 2D Electron Crystallography
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Version 3.5.0 release

We announce the release of Version 3.5.0 with many improvements and bugfixes
The new version can be downloaded from the Downloads page (stable versions) or from github.
  • A new tool to automatically switch between maps and references now available
  • Parallel processing of images in 2dx_merge is now possible
  • Weighted Backprojection introduced instead of Latline fitting
  • 2D merge and 3D merge separated
  • Movie mode processing for direct electron detectors
  • GUI Improvements in 2dx_merge and 2dx_image
  • Moved to Qt5.x
  • Improved build and packaging, no dependency on Boost
  • It is now possible to sharpen maps using bead models
  • B-factor sharpening scripts included
  • New Volume refinement methods included which helps to encounter problems of Missing cone
  • New kernel tools introduced, capable of doing all the major operations on EM-Volume
  • Radiation damage measurement for movie-mode processing
  • [bug] 2D-ML now works with the newly integrated general processing parameters
  • [bug] Classical diffmap-script working for maps with where RES < 6A
  • Many other bugfixes
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